Summer Rain

Summer Rain
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Friday, 24 July 2009

One Minute Writer Winner

Very happy this morning to discover I was selected as the winner for Tuesday's One Minute Writer submission. The prompt was "Today, what is inspiring you?"

My winning submission was:

My feelings of inspiration are like the many tendrils of a jelly fish, wafting this way and that in the eddies created by the current. I see so much that inspires me, a beautiful garden, a well written blog, a superbly hand crafted dress, a wonderfully crocheted scarf, a well played piano piece, a tidy house. Each prompts me to attempt something similar and I end up inert, not knowing what to do first.

Oh come on Frances - tidy up the study - you know you should

The One Minute Writer is a great blog and great fun to take part. If you want to know more, follow the link on my winner button!


C. Beth said...

Congrats again!!

glnroz said...

Gongrats,, to you.. I am definately not a "writer", but One minute writer has been a lot of fun as well as thought provolking. We all know we should "tidy up the study", but what the heck..have fun. thnx