Summer Rain

Summer Rain
I like to photograph nature

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I have today officially launched my subsidiary blog 'Fit not Fat' which is my personal journey towards a fitter and less substantial me.  Do please follow the link in the sidebar and have a look.  
I welcome all support, encouragement and ideas.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Blogging with Discipline - Regular Writing Occasional Brilliance

Discovered Blogging With Discipline via CBeth's blog (brilliant, as is her flagship site, The One Minute Writer). Both sites can be found by following the relevant links on my sidebar.

I will from now on be attempting to live up to CBeth's fine example. I will, henceforth, blog with discipline and hope for the promised occasional flash of brilliance.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I'm still waiting

Well I have my dogs and cats around me again and the house doesn't feel so empty, but lovely husband still stuck in Devon.  His train is delayed and looks like he won't get back till much later tonight.  So lonely dinner tonight.

Two Weeks of Travel

So I haven't posted for a bit, a did try to keep everybody (Ha - who am I kidding - everybody!) up to date via Twitter, but no time for blogging.   I have been on my travels, first to Rome and then a few days break much closer to home.   I will put together a proper post with more detail about the Rome trip.  Perhaps later today.  But first I must organise myself and get my dogs and cats home from the kennels.  The house is soooo empty, just me, no husband and no pets.   Well, I can remedy the pet situation shortly and hubby will return from Devon later tonight, so all will be as it should be again.   Need to to some catching up jobs today as I am back at work tomorrow.  Also want to find some time to sit and finish my book (The Book Thief as recommended by Lucy).

Will check back in later.