Summer Rain

Summer Rain
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Saturday, 15 August 2009


Having spent the entire day with the band practising. I can easily do my six word saturday this evening:-

Seven Hours Singing - Result - Sore Throat


Call Me Cate said...

If some people spent 7 hours singing, the result would be sore ears (of everyone nearby). So I suppose a sore throat is a better sign?

Thanks for playing.

Lindy said...

Beautiful picture first of all. I'm sure if I had been singing for 7 hours, someone's ears would have been bleeding! Have a great SWS!

a corgi said...

love the flower picture with the water droplets on it!

wow, that was a lot of practicing! hoping you are giving your voice a well deserved rest

just stopped by from 6-word Saturday :)


Becca said...

I think you're lucky you still have a voice :)

Sarah said...

Had I spent seven hours singing... well, let's say it would not have happened. Someone would have killed me long before!

Strange Mamma said...

I miss band practice. I hope I get to start up again soon.

Jenn@ You know... that Blog? said...

It can be so hard to stop when you're really into it - I know the feeling well, and had that same sore throat earlier this week, and again yesterday. I wish we had more days to rehearse in a week sometimes ;)