Summer Rain

Summer Rain
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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Long time no blog

The last few weeks have been very busy and no time for tweeting and blogging. However I shall be joining the ranks of the unemployed on Friday (by choice) and I am looking forward to some time off to catch up with my life in general. This blog post comes to you courtesy of my new mobile blogging app on my iPhone. This is my first attempt so I hope it works!

As I write this I am on a train speeding towards London where I will then catch another train, on which I will then immediately speed away from London again. I have to spend a couple of days in Southend partly for business and partly to have the opportunity to say goodbye to my colleagues at the Southend offices.

I shall send thus post now(while I have a signal) and keep my fingers crossed. Yay for mobile blogging!

-- Post From My iPhone

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Call Me Cate said...

It's nice to see your blog pop up in my reader! I can't wait to hear about your next adventures.