Summer Rain

Summer Rain
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Monday, 11 May 2009

Time to Blog

A rare commodity just recently has been having the time to sit and blog, but today, when I should have been working, my work laptop just refused to play ball and I find myself with time to put some extra washing in the machine, play on Twitter and update my blogs.   I have just posted a progress report on my subsidiary blog and realised just how tardy I have been in setting some of my goals in my motion.  I, for instance, have still not unpacked my new Wii Fit.   It is sitting in the bedroom glaring at me accusingly.   So perhaps today will be the day.

I must admit to being a little stressed of late.  I have found the most ridiculous little setbacks have made me mad, sad or bad out of all proportion to problem at hand.   I am looking forward to a holiday and some chill out time.   I have just deleted a whole paragraph of me whining about my backlog of chores, must do's, want to do's etc.,  when I realised that I am choosing to sit here and post a blog instead of getting on with some of them!

So I will keep this post short and go and actually get on with something.  Ta ta for now.

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Call Me Cate said...

I'm so glad to have finally made my way over to your blog. I believe we have some common interests (music, pets, books, food, IT).

Also, if you think that WiiFit is glaring at you now, just wait until you unbox it, use it, and then skip a day.