Summer Rain

Summer Rain
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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fit not Fat

I am going to try out setting up a subsidiary blog to track my new Fit not Fat initiative. Without boring you with the details, I am carrying a few pounds extra at the moment (Ha! A FEW). Partly due to a period of immobility when I put my back out and partly due to being a bit of a piggy-wig in the food department.

I have set myself the target of being down to my fighting weight by the time we go on our 10th Wedding Anniversary trip to the British Virgin Islands next January, an entirely achievable target if I stick to it. But I don't just want to lose some weight, I especially want to improve my fitness, so I think instead of just logging progress in a notebook or on the chalk board in the kitchen, I will blog myself fit!

Hopefully, people will support me and maybe provide some tips too!

New link to Fit not Fat coming to a blog near you soon.

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